Police are investigating after a “heartbreaking” fly tipping incident at a Mid Wales nature reserve.

The staff at the Dyfi National Nature Reserve in Ynslas near Borth have made a report to the police after a large amount of rubbish was dumped on the beach at the reserve.

County Times:

The reserve said that the rubbish would have been dumped at the site sometime between 5pm Tuesday evening (March 21) and 9am on Wednesday morning.

The rubbish appears to have been dumped on the Ynslas sand dunes which “are home to a rich population of orchids, mosses, liverworts, fungi, insects and spiders; many of these species are rare and some are unknown elsewhere in Britain.”


This has led to the reserve reporting the incident to the police and making a public appeal for information.

A spokesperson for Dyfi National Nature Reserve said: “It’s always frustrating to find litter on our beautiful Nature Reserve, but to find fly tipping of this size is heartbreaking.

County Times:

“This was found this morning and has been dumped sometime between 5pm on May 21 and 9pm on May 22.

“If you’ve seen anyone clearing any area/s of this material as photographed, or if you’ve paid someone to take it away on your behalf, please contact us with any information you may have? Any information will be gratefully received. Thank you.”