Medical staff who have served Powys for decades were celebrated at a special event.

Staff from across Powys Teaching Health Board came together to celebrate their 30 or more years of service to the NHS.

Hosted by the chair of Powys Teaching Health Board, Carl Cooper, guests were presented with a commemorative coin and certificate by the High Sheriff of Powys, Kathryn Silk.

“I feel privileged to be here today to celebrate the extraordinary contribution to the lives of the people of Powys that have been made by everyone here,” said Ms Silk.

“The NHS is the jewel in the crown of British society and it is an honour to meet you.”


The 18 members of staff celebrating their long service at the ceremony dedicated over 600 years of service between them.

On a post on social media, Carole Hughes a Healthcare assistant in Llanidloes celebrating 30 years of service, said: “It’s not always been easy and many sacrifices have been made along the way.

County Times: Carole Hughes was one of those recognised at the event Carole Hughes was one of those recognised at the event (Image: Powys Teaching Health Board)

“But it’s a job that I’m grateful that I still love and I’m humbled to have met and cared for some very lovely brave people that have made a lasting impression on me. As always I am very aware that I am a very small part of an amazing team.”

Two members of staff were singled for their special contribution -  Linda Aldridge a staff nurse in Welshpool and Sue Walsh a Community Learning Disability Nurse in Llandrindod-Wells who have given over 50 years of service each.

A spokesperson for Powys Teaching health board said: “A number of other colleagues were unable to join us on the day and our thanks go to them as well and each and every one of our staff members for the incredible work they do across the county.”


Celebrating 30 years of service this year were:

•            Donna Bale, Planning Manager in Bronllys

•            Cheryl Gallier, District nurse Team Lead, Llanidloes

•            Carole Hughes, Healthcare Assistant, Llanidloes

•            Eleri Jones, District nurse Team Lead, Machynlleth

•            Sally Ann Jones, Diabetes Nurse Specialist, Newtown

•            Sharon Owen, Patient Services Co-ordinator, Brecon

•            Anne-Marie Mason, Joint Widening Access Manager, Bronllys

•            Valerie Williams, Senior Radiographer, Newtown

•            Mary Woodall, Speech & Language Therapist, Newtown

•            Plus a number of others who were unable to attend


Celebrating more than 40 years of service were :

•            Serena Jones, Community Card Coordinator and HCA, Llandrindod-Wells

•            Melanie Eckley, Staff nurse, Bronllys Outpatients

•            Sonia Huddleston, Patient Services Team Leader, Brecon

•            Sue Williams, Physiotherapist Technical Instructor, Welshpool

•            Jacqueline Griffin, Clinical Nurse Specialist: Health Protection, Bronllys

•            Michael Hobby, Porter, Bronllys

•            Helen Prosser, Admin and Patient Services Manager – South

•            Linda Aldridge, Staff nurse, Welshpool

•            Sue Walsh, Community Learning Disability Nurse, Llandrindod-Wells