WELCOME to another edition of bygones as we venture back into the County Times archive as far back as the 1970s.

Today we begin with a picture of the Radnorshire Cup winning Llandrindod Wells side from 1975.

County Times: Llandrindod Wells FC line up in 1975Llandrindod Wells FC line up in 1975 Next we have the successful Newtown High School senior hockey team in our next picture.

County Times: Newtown High School hockey team in 1974Newtown High School hockey team in 1974

The next picture shows players of Newtown’s Angel B side with their tankards after a successful Newtown Darts League season in 1974.

County Times: Newtown Angel B darts teamNewtown Angel B darts team

We also found a picture of school friends playing at a playground in 1974 we are delighted to share with you.

There's sure to be some familiar faces hanging from the climbing frame here.

County Times: Newtown school memories form 1974.Newtown school memories form 1974.

Our top picture shows another of Powys’ sadly long lost rural services, the Powys Mobile Library, which ensured children from rural areas were able to enjoy reading during the 1970s and 1980s.

Sadly the service has long ceased like so many other rural Powys projects.

Let us know if you see any familiar faces, and if you have your own bygones pictures you'd like to share, email gavin.grosvenor@newsquest.co.uk