SMALLER plans for a glamping site at a remote mountain pub have been approved by Powys planners after overcoming objections.

The proposal by Richard and Nadine Hillary was for three glamping domes, siting of a caravan, along with access road improvements, package treatment plant, recycling/waste point and all associated works at a field close to the Star Inn, in Dylife - a site which was recognised in 2019 as one of the UK's top star-gazing spots.

The original application lodged in June last year had been for five glamping domes – but the proposal was revised after objections to the scheme.

Plans for three glamping pods were submitted in 2022 but withdrawn in January 2023.

The Powys County Councillor for Llanbrynmair which includes Dylife, Plaid Cymru’s Gary Mitchell, had raised a number of concerns about the application when it was for five glamping pods.

County Times: How the pods could look.How the pods could look.

Cllr Mitchell said: “Fairly recently the applicants lodged a planning application with the authority for a similar development this was for three ‘hobbit’ underground pods and a caravan.

“This application was generally accepted by the community and the community council, mostly due to its regard on the visual impact of this important, historic and geological important.”

He explained that unlike the hobbit pods the five glamping pods would be above ground and would have a visual impact on the surroundings of this “wild and rural” area.

Cllr Mitchell said: “The reflective nature of these domes will make them stand out as a unique feature on the landscape and will be visible for many miles.”


The applicants have now revised and scaled back the proposal.

Cllr Mitchell said: “I can see the applicants have put a considerable effort into addressing the concern.

“The amended application differs considerably, and I am now comfortable in supporting this application.”

Planning officer Rhian Griffiths said: “Following amendments to the design and siting of the units, they now sit behind The Star Inn, and slightly left.

“Visually these will be above the Inn due to the topography of the land but will not protrude above the skyline.

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“The units will be visible to the wider public, though given the grouping, will appear as one group with the already existing Inn.

“The changes to the design of the units will now ensure that the unit’s themselves are reduced in visual prominence, as they will no longer be reflective, and will instead use muted colour tones.

“Although there were a number of public objections and some strong concerns raised by the local member, it is considered that they have been overcome.

“In light of this the proposed development fundamentally complies with relevant planning policy and the recommendation is one of conditional consent.”

Dylife is in the Cambrian mountains between Llanbrynmair and Llanidloes.

To get to the Star Inn, visitors need to take the B4518 road and turn off onto the “mountain road” which eventually leads to Machynlleth.