Machynlleth Football Club have been left “angry and disappointed” after an estimated £3,000 of damage was caused by vandalism to their grounds.

While Machynlleth welcomed hundreds of visitors for the annual comedy festival, the town’s football club reported that their grounds at Cae Glas had been turned into “a playground for idiotic behaviour”.

The damage included broken bottles and litter, damage to floodlights from people climbing on them, a collapsed set of rugby posts, and broken barriers around the edge of the playing grounds.

A spokesperson for the football club said: "From the start we wish to make it clear that this is outside of the areas of the Comedy Festival responsibility.

"It’s more a policing and community issue that requires addressing. The festival security provided an excellent service to their areas. Our sympathies are with the festival organisers who suffer more with this unwanted problem than us.


“Gangs of youths are causing disruption to this important source of income and if they can’t respect the town and its citizens, they are not welcome.

"We have been told that not only was it youths who arrived by train but also some locals who turned Cae Glas into a playground of idiotic behaviour. Alcohol was openly being drunk by underage and irresponsible youths.

“Regular festival attendees know this annoyance has been happening for a few years now. As a Machynlleth community we have to seek an answer so ask if you have a potential solution or wish to express concern to contact your local councillor.

County Times: Collapsed rugby posts at machynlleth Football Club grounds.

“This disruption does cause a risk to the future running of the festival. That isn’t an empty threat. To lose this revenue will be devastating on what has become one of the most successful and enjoyable events in this towns history.

“The football club have had an initial discussion with the festival organisers and remain open to working with them on how to address this for next year.”

County Times: Litter and broken barriers at Machynlleth Football Club.

On Monday, May 6, the football and rugby clubs joined forces to clear the whole area of the litter that was left behind.

Machynlleth FC added: “A big thank you to Rich, Ali, Dave, Rags, Julie and Gerwyn and others from both committees over the weekend.

"We think all the broken glass was found but should you find any, please advise via messenger of its location.”