Areas of Mid Wales are expected to receive part of a £3.5 million investment from Scottish Power Energy on the area’s network infrastructure.

More than 28 miles of overhead power lines and structures will be modernised by a multi-million pound investment between Mid Wales and Shropshire, as work is set to commence this month with the aim of being completed by September.

Homes and businesses in Mid Wales will apparently be the beneficiaries of a project by Scottish Power who have announced they will be launching a multi-million pounds investment in the local electricity network.

Spanning both their Mid Wales and Shropshire networks, the operator’s £3.5 million investment will aim to modernise more than 28 miles of overhead lines and structures on the 132,000-volt circuit between Oswestry and Newtown.


Scottish Power hope that the project will futureproof the network for decades to come, involving 300 sets of insulators and the applying  a protective coating to at least 60 towers.

Scottish Power Energy Networks’ 132kV General Manager, Mark Sobczak, said: “This investment is all about ensuring we can continue to deliver a reliable and resilient electricity network while supporting the continued generation of clean and green electricity for 32,000 homes and businesses across North Shropshire and Mid Wales.

“This is one of the biggest projects geographically being undertaken across our Manweb licence area as part of our five-year £200 million investment in our England and Wales 132kV network.

"I look forward to seeing the works completed over the next few months and we will continue to progress our wider investment plans for the region and the electricity network for the future.”

Works to modernise the Oswestry to Welshpool circuit are planned for 2025.