A pile of rubble, including an old garage door, was recently dumped in a forestry near Machynlleth.

Environmental groups in Mid Wales have made an appeal for information over a case of fly tipping that was recently discovered to have been dumped in some woods by Machynlleth.

Fly Tipping Action Wales, a group devoted to combating fly-tipping across Wales, made the appeal via a social media post, asking if anyone in the area recognised the rubble or had any information relating to who may have dumped the rubbish.

The rubbish was deposited at Forge, a forestry located near Machynlleth, in a remote area with no CCTV cameras to capture the incident.


The group also acknowledged that it was possible the rubbish had been tipped at the site either by the person who owns it or by a third party who was paid to dispose of it, as is sometimes the case with fly-tipping.

Offering advice and guidelines over waste disposal, a Fly Tipping Action Wales spokesperson said: “You have a legal duty to check that the person taking your waste is a registered waste carrier.

“If you give your waste to someone else, you must check the person or business is registered with Natural Resources Wales.

County Times: Rubbish dumped at the Forge forestry near Machynlleth.

“Ask the person or business to show you proof  that they are registered to carry  or accept waste. Better still, confirm the details yourself by visiting Natural Resources Wales.

“You should also make a note of their name (or business name), vehicle type and registration. Also record the date they took your waste away and ask them where your waste is going.”

Natural Resources Wales joined with the appeal for information over the identity of the fly tipper, asking if anyone in the Machynlleth area had any idea who the culprit was based on the items.  

Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact Fly Tipping Action Wales on 07974 067319 or Natural Resources Wales on 0300 065 3000.