A Powys company has said it is hiring more staff after a massive growth in sales caused difficulties.

Outdoor Toys, which has sites in Montgomery and Newtown, has faced criticism online which they say has been a side effect of a new management system and a huge rise in online sales.

Some customers have complained of long waits for delivery and poor communication.

One customer told the County Times: “I called at 8am, a recorded message said staff were at ‘play’ and to call back from 9am.

“I called back seven times to the same message playing.”


Other complaints have seen people claiming they have waited weeks for deliveries to arrive.

The company has now apologised for the issue, and said it had enjoyed a bump of 40 per cent in business since this time last year which had caught them off-guard.

A spokesperson for the company said: "We updated our warehouse management tool in February, followed by 40 per cent growth in March compared to last year, which has continued in April.

"This growth created two key challenges: communication with customers and dispatching orders within our expected delivery dates.

“We assure you that we have all products in stock, are diligently working through the backlog, and have made significant strides by hiring over ten new staff.

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This is not the end of the hiring drive for the company who are looking to recruit in Powys for their premises in Montgomery and Newtown.

They added: “We are still actively seeking staff at all customer service and warehousing levels within Montgomery and Newtown. We have also taken the initiative to update our processes and communication.

“Once we clear the backlog, we are confident that we will have successfully overcome the current challenges."