MEN who carried out a series of burglaries against Asian families in an attempt to get their hands on gold and cash have been jailed.

Kew Delaney and Addie Piggott, both of Ruthin Road in Coedpoeth, appeared for sentence at Mold Crown Court on Friday alongside Todd Wickens, of Homestead Lane in Wrexham.

The three men had previously been convicted of conspiring to commit burglary, the offence having happened between September and November last year.

Also appearing for sentence was Michael Berry, of Homestead Lane in Wrexham, and Tom Cash, of Southsea Stables in Southsea - both of whom had been convicted of handling stolen goods.

The conspiracy began in September last year when Delaney, Wickens, Piggott and Berry bought a red Vauxhall Vectra Estate, used to commit the burglaries, police said after the sentencing hearing.

County Times:

The first incident was reported the same day on September 28 after masked members of the gang attempted a burglary at a pub in Shropshire - said in court to be The Cross Guns in Pant, close to the Powys border. They were chased off the premises, leaving behind a bottle of Flash cleaning product.

Elen Owen, prosecuting, told the court that over subsequent weeks, seven burglaries took place at homes across Wrexham.

Properties were either accessed via unsecured windows or by forcing entry - before the interiors were "ransacked."

Thousands of pounds in cash were taken from several of the homes, in addition to large quantities of gold and jewellery.

The court heard not only were the items of high monetary value, but many were irreplaceable family heirlooms with incalculable sentimental value.

One of the families affected was so frightened, they took to sleeping in the one room for safety in the aftermath.

County Times: Kew Delaney (North Wales Police)Kew Delaney (North Wales Police) (Image: North Wales Police)

CCTV at some of the properties captured balaclava-clad individuals entering and leaving.

And at more than one of the scenes, the offenders used cleaning products to obscure DNA evidence.

On numerous dates, trips were made by the conspirators to Birmingham, where they were seen entering a shop in the city's jewellery quarter.

It is believed these trips were undertaken to sell the stolen gold.

And on one of those dates, 26-year-old Cash and 24-year-old Berry went along - resulting in their charges of handling stolen goods.

County Times: Michael Berry (North Wales Police)Michael Berry (North Wales Police) (Image: North Wales Police)Judge Niclas Parry said the sentencing guidelines had been "blown out of the water" by the defendants' crime spree.

Philip Clemo, defending 29-year-old Piggott, said: "He is a married father-of-two and he entered his pleas at the earliest opportunity in the Magistrates Court.

"He is acutely aware that he's really missing out on precious moments in his life he isn't going to get back.

"He has also missed the passing of his father-in-law, who was effectively a father to him.

"Mr Piggott knows he faces a sentence of some length today but he wants to change. He doesn't want this to be the pattern of his life."

Myles Wilson, defending 35-year-old Wickens, told the court: "In his own words, he feels stupid that he got involved in this conspiracy because he'd been working legitimately as a landscape gardener.

County Times: Addie Piggott (NWP)Addie Piggott (NWP) (Image: North Wales Police)

"He realises he's let his wife, his family and his children down.

"He's determined on his release not to put himself or them through this again."

Mr Wilson, who also defended 34-year-old Delaney, said on his behalf: "This was very much out of character.

"He's lightly convicted - with no previous convictions for burglary and no convictions at all in the last 12 years.

"This will be his first prison sentence and whilst he is in, it will impact on those he loves.

"He keenly feels the fact he is not able to support his wife and son and that's his biggest regret."

Trevor Parry-Jones, defending Berry, told the court: "To his benefit, he wasn't involved in the totality of it.

"It was one trip. From parking to walking to the place and back, it was eight minutes.

"And his isn't one of the leading roles.


"He is married and has a young child - he's desperate to be released as soon as possible."

County Times: Todd Wickens (NWP)Todd Wickens (NWP) (Image: North Wales Police)Philip Tully, defending Cash, said: "He pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods. His culpability is restricted to travelling with some of the co-defendants to Birmingham when an unknown amount of jewellery was sold.

"Importantly, there is no evidence or suggestion from the crown that he was involved in any of the burglaries.

"He has a good work and education record and this is completely out of character for him."

Judge Parry told the defendants: "This is a case that exemplifies the trauma, sadness and irretrievable losses caused by the burglary of people's homes.

"Some of you stole objects that were irreplicable. You left your victims feeling violated and insecure.

"Delaney, Piggott and Wickens were working in a group, as part of a professional organisation - all in pursuit of cash and gold.

"The level of ransacking and damage was high.

"This was targeting of Asian families, where you knew there would be gold and cash.

"Cash and Berry, your part is limited to one day enabling the offenders to dispose of the stolen gold quickly - you knew what they'd done."

The Judge handed down sentences to the defendants as follows:

  • Piggott was jailed for four years and eight months
  • Wickens was jailed for four years
  • Delaney was jailed for three years and four months
  • Berry was jailed for two years and six months
  • Cash received a 12 month custodial sentence, suspended for 18 months.