County Times readers have said the closure of Welshpool Air Ambulance base is “a really dark day for people who live in mid Wales.”

Readers have shared their thoughts on the news this morning that the Air Ambulance base in Welshpool will close after a vote by the Welsh NHS’s  Joint Commissioning Committee.

Elizabeth Cox said: “This is an absolute disgrace. I seriously hope none of the people who made this decision ever need this lifesaving service.”

Sue Rogers agreed and said it was “totally disgusting - they had already decided so the people of Wales will suffer as usual.”

Paula Oliver said: “Wrong on all levels. Can see the deaths rising in this area. Very sad to see it go.”


Joshua Lewis said the decision meant “basically neglecting the lives of everyone in Powys/mid Wales and deciding our lives aren't worth anything.

“If you won't build a bigger hospital here, which is very much needed, then don't take away our link to the ones outside of Powys.”

Other looked as to what can be done next. Reader Lis Allen said: “Judicial review. It’s the only way. Should be funded by current donations to the charity and a fundraising campaign. A really dark day for people who live in mid Wales.”

Toni Mannell suggested “Use the money previously donated to the WAA to fund and run an independent Air Ambulance for Mid Wales.

“People currently fund the one which will close, and surely Welshpool airport would welcome an independent Air Ambulance being based back there?

“Two years to put everything in place, and let the Wales Air Ambulance realise their decision is wrong.”

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Tim Jebbett said this would lead to him ending his donation to the charity and said: “No more of my money then, if it’s closing then so am I.”

Duncan Foulkes added: "Mid Wales marginalised yet again.

“Expect a fundraising backlash, which will completely undermine the financial argument to relocate the service to a new base in North Wales.

“Truly a very sad and scary day for the people of Mid and North West Wales.”