Fly-tipping fears have been raised after it was revealed that Powys County Council could be removing recycling bins from Llanidloes car park The Gro.

Llanidloes Town Council was told that the service was being removed because there is "only one lorry serving the whole county and that's breaking down all of the time and there is no money to renew or lease a new one".

Lib Dem county councillor Glyn Preston described next year's council tax as "pretty grim" adding that he would "hate to see services deteriorate as a result".

Mayor Councillor Jamie Jones told a recent town council meeting that he was not encouraged by a report from the town clerk that Powys County Council has suggested running fewer services adding fears that there would be an increase of fly-tipping in the area.


"[Powys County Council are] expecting councils to pick them up with no sufficient funding to do so. I'm concerned with the direction it's heading," he said.

"There is focus on community hubs in Llandrindod, Brecon, Newtown and Welshpool but leaving the rest of us behind.

"It won't attract professionals and families to the area. It'll throw us on the scrap heap.

"We've taken on a lot already. We get a raw deal, but we still manage to do it."

Gareth Morgan, also a Lib Dem county councillor for Llanidloes, urged the town council to keep an eye on the sports centre.

"I did threaten the portfolio holder if he touched that there will be a meeting and he will be on stage and subjected to 100 people plus shouting at him and demanding that he doesn't close the sports centre. I feel really strongly about it."