What a ridiculous letter in last week’s County Times from Hywel and Gwenllian from Caernarfon. 

Whether or not Rhayader Post Office stocks Welsh language greetings cards has nothing to do with them. Why did these people feel they had to voice their opinion on this small matter in the County Times. 

Hilary McPhee who runs the Post Office in Rhayader does a wonderful job for the local community and is born and bred in the Rhayader area by the way. And just for the record Rhayader is definitely a predominantly English-speaking area.


I wouldn’t have thought there is any demand for Welsh greetings cards around this area, so why would any sane business stock them?

For small minded, Welsh language obsessed people to start criticising a business that’s the heart of the community is shameful. Who do they think they are? My advise to Hywel and Gwenllian is to keep their nose out of other peoples business and maybe stay in their Welsh speaking stronghold if the language means so much to them!!
William Owens