A woman who was saved from drowning in the River Severn in Newtown has thanked the people who helped her in a daring rescue.

The woman, who was rescued from the river on Sunday morning after she fell into the water whilst out with a friend, has said without “people from Newtown, my husband and one man in particular who we don't know, I would have been dead.”

She has said that she has very few recollections as she had to be resuscitated three times and suffered severe hypothermia.

“My friend told me that she and I were walking to her home where she wanted to show me where he used hang out by the river,” she said.

“We had been out with our families, husband and children left to go pick up dinner, and that's the last thing I remember."

Her friend immediately called both their husbands who rushed to try and save her from the water.

“My husband is trained in rescue,” the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said. “He came within a few minutes, not realising the seriousness, he believed me to be out of the water.

“However he realised I had found a fallen tree in the water and I was holding on to it.

“He tried to pull me out but the current was taking him, another gentleman got in the water to help.

“By then they quickly realised that my body had spasmed in such a way that it was impossible for them to get me out, so between them they broke the branches from the trees and let me to a little bit further down the water to grab me.”


After this emergency services managed to help her from the water but she needed life saving medical care on the riverside.

“My husband’s recollection from the bridge to hospital was a bit of a blur,” she said.

“I stopped breathing at the side of the river, but they were able to get my rate going slowly until the paramedics came and bagged me, I remained unconscious at the scene.

“I have had flashbacks to a point where my husband and friend tried to get into the ambulance but they wouldn't let them as the needed space to work on me. I went a couple more times on route to the hospital but I don't remember it.”

She has said that she has had a miraculous escape and that if it hadn’t been for the man passing by who got into the river to help she may not have survived

“One thing for sure is, if that gentleman hadn't have got in the water and helped I would not be here,” she added.

“My husband said that the stars aligned for me that night and if it was for passersby he would be telling our children a completely different story.

“I wanted to say thank you too everyone who rescued me, to the people who gave no thought but to jump in and rescue me – without them today my family would be planning a funeral.

“Obviously a huge thank you to police, fire and paramedics goes without saying, but to the people who had no duty of care to me, thank you. You don't know how much it means to see such humanity and sacrifice in order to save a complete stranger.”