A not-for-profit organisation says it has won a legal battle compelling mid Wales council to repaid a byway near a Powys town.

Part of the Cwm Maethlon byway, near Machynlleth, must be repaired by Gwynedd Council, after the Green Lane Association (GLA) won a legal battle compelling it to restore the route for cyclists, walkers and drivers.

The association says it has obtained a consent order under section 56 of the Highways Act 1980, at Llandudno Magistrates Court, demanding that the council repair the route.

The order states that the council must repair the surface of the route and carry out drainage work between two specified points within 12 months so that it is once again passable.

GLA Vice Chairman Chris Mitchell said: “This is a great result for everyone who wants to access our countryside in a responsible way without encountering accessibility problems.


“This was a route that had not been maintained for several years, despite the local authority having a statutory duty to do so. We would have much-preferred to work with the national park authority and the local authority to help carry out repair works but, unfortunately, despite efforts to arrange this, it was not possible.

“Taking legal action was a measure of last resort and we are pleased that so many users will now be able to enjoy the beauty of the route again, as is their right.”

The GLA argued that problems have existed along the route for several years, with the surface deteriorating over time after suffering damage during Storm Doris in 2018.

Despite carrying out repairs with Snowdonia National Park Authority that year, , a later section of the byway then deteriorated to the point where it was impassable to all. Walkers, cyclists, drivers and horse riders reportedly had to go onto a protected landscape in order to pass through.

AS the road’s poor condition remained unchanged, the GLA served a Section 56 notice on Gwynedd Council, which has overall legal responsibility for highways in the area.

After two procedural hearings, the council agreed to the consent order without going to trial. 

Gwynedd Council has been approached for comment but has yet to respond.