A joint letter from Powys politicians and campaigners has been sent to the new person in charge of the Welshpool Air Ambulance consultation about their “deep and serious concerns”.

The letter to the new Interim Chief Commissioner for the new NHS Wales Joint Commissioning Committee (JCC), Abigail Harris, said the current proposal to close the base had to be urgently reconsidered.

The letter was signed by Montgomeryshire representatives Russell George MS and Craig Williams MP; Powys County Councillors Elwyn Vaughan, Joy Jones and Graham Breeze as well as by local campaigners Bob Benyon and Cynthia and Clive Duce.

In the letter they slammed the public consultation and said: “To date, the process has been long, deeply unsatisfactory, misleading... lacking in transparency, and at times utterly shambolic.”

They cite that concerns have been raised by “the public, political representatives, clinical staff, Llais, and Health Boards.”


Ms Harris and new chair of the committee, Ian Green have since agreed to meet the team to address their concerns about the process.

Ms Harris has taken over the process after the Emergency Ambulance Services Commission, run by Chief Ambulance Services Commissioner Stephen Harrhy – who had run the previous public consultation – was merged into a new body.

The JCC was set to take over after the final decision on the base however after delays in process due to concerns being raised by Llais and requests from the Welsh Health boards to discuss the potential closures of the Welshpool and Caernarfon bases it has now fallen to the new team.

The Welsh health boards will be meeting to discuss the proposals to change the air ambulance service in Wales, which would see the bases in Welshpool and Caernarfon close and be merged into a new north Wales site.

Powys Teaching Health Board will be holding their meeting on Thursday (April 11) which they have said will available to the public to view.