A Powys fish and chip shop owner had said he has made major changes after previously receiving a zero-food hygiene rating.

Montgomery Fish Bar has undergone changes at its Broad Street property and with their procedures to get a new hygiene rating of four – the second highest rating that can be awarded.

It follows a previous report by the Food Standards Agency which criticised the takeaway for a number of issues relating to hygiene, temperatures and structural issues.


Montgomery Fish Bar owner Beysim Kadir said he has made a raft of changes to boost the rating of the business.

“Since the inspection we have changed all the floor and toilet, new windowsills, changed the waste in the potato room, and updated our reporting procedures,” Mr Kadir said.

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Mr Kadir said that Montgomery Fish Bar has not yet received any feedback about the new inspection but was pleased that the changes have led to an improved rating.

He claimed that the new changes were a reflection of how highly he valued his customers and vowed to continue to improve.   

“We hope and will work on improving our standards to serve our customers the best food possible,” Mr Kadir added.