Multiple complaints have been made about flies and noise from a controversial Powys recycling centre.

Powys County Council have revealed that the North Powys Bulking Facility in Abermule has received a dozen complaints since it opened last year relating to pests and noise.

Of the dozen complaints nine related to flies in September last year which left residents in the area “inundated with flies” with one resident who had recently moved to the area commenting: “I looked up in the sky and there were swarms and they are flying all over the house. Just bought the place and regretting it big time.”

However the council have said that this was investigated and determined that the recycling centre was not the cause of the swarms.


There have also been a number of complaints over noise, particularly the noise of glass shattering at the facility while is recycled at the facility with one complaint still being investigated.

A spokesperson for Powys County Council said: "Since the North Powys Bulking Facility has been operational, we have received very few complaints. 

"Following a period where many residents experienced large amounts of flies, it was suggested that the site was the source. County Times: County Times subscription offer

“However, following investigation, it was concluded that this was not the case and no further action was required. 

“With regards to noise from the site, whilst glass does clearly generate noise when being moved, the sensitive receptors, principally housing, are some distance from the site. 

"The site is being operated to the strict requirements of the NRW permit with any potential impacts on the neighbouring community being monitored accordingly.