Powys Teaching Health Board has called pest control to tackle mice issues more than 30 times in the last two years.

In information released by the Health Board they have revealed that between October 2022 and February this year pest control for rodents was called out 32 times.

This equates to an average of two call outs a month to deal with pests across their sites in Powys.


However, Powys Teaching Health Board said that this reflects its active approach with dealing with pests to keep their facilities clean.

A spokesperson for Powys Teaching Health Board said: “Powys Teaching Health Board is responsible for over 20 sites which also include extensive grounds and outbuildings.

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“We take a robust approach to pest prevention and control led by our vigilant support services team.

“All staff are encouraged to take early and preventative action, and this includes working with specialist contractors to help us with our proactive approach.

“Across a health board estate exceeding 100 acres we have averaged 2 call outs per month over the last eighteen months.”