Driving agency the DVSA has revealed why some Powys learners are taking their tests more than 200 miles away from Powys.

In data exclusively revealed to the County Times it has been revealed that some Powys learner drivers have been taking their test as far away as Darlington – 231 miles away.

The data reveals that this is not an outlier with others taking their test in Boston in Lincolnshire, 176 miles away and St Albans around 169 miles away.

The DVSA said they could not account for all the reasons as they do not collect data on the reason for a candidate’s choice of test centre when they book.

But a test candidates can choose to take a test at any DVSA test centre to fit around their own personal circumstances.

However, the agency said many of those taking their tests in faraway parts of England will be either students or junior doctors who are staying away but have their permanent home in Powys.


A DVSA spokesperson said: “DVSA's priority is to continue to reduce waiting times.

“Many candidates may choose to take a test away from their home because of where they are studying or work.”

“DVSA continues to seek volunteers from the examiner workforce based at test centres with lower waits to travel to locations with higher waits to help provide additional test where demand is significantly higher. This action directly helps combat the need for customers to travel significant distances to secure a test.”

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“Our measures to reduce waiting times are working and we have created over 48,300 extra car test slots each month, with nearly a third more tests in January this year compared to January 2024.”

The DVSA also confirmed that Powys actually enjoys some of the shortest wait times in the UK for a test.

The national average waiting time for driving test is 16.1 weeks however they revealed that the average wait in Shropshire is 13.2 weeks and in Powys is just 8.9 weeks.