We have all seen the farmers protesting on Wales TV and also in most of Europe as well.

Now in Wales the First Minister, Mr Drakeford has made it plain that he has very little concern for the welfare of the farming industry. 

Ten per cent of farming land to be planted with trees and ten per cent to be let grow wild which will mean large areas of bracken, gorse and brambles which will support very little wild life.

Wild animals, like human beings do not thrive on areas which lack plant food. The productive grassland we have in Wales supports not only beef and sheep but a great deal of wildlife.


We are also told by experts that grassland itself is a good source of carbon capture. 

All the beautiful green fields and neat hedgerows in Powys do not appear by the efforts of the Labour party in Cardiff or the green welly and anorak brigade but by the hard labour of our present farmers and their ancestors who tamed the wilderness and gave us the present landscape which is so admired by tourists from the big cities and the whole world.

We can manage the strikes by engine drivers and doctors for a few weeks but how many days can we go without food? 

Remember, that when you are eating your next meal, a farmer in the UK or abroad has had to work 60 hours per week for an absolute pittance.

Farm income figures can be checked by anyone on google. They do not make the average wage level in Wales.
Harold Nicholls, Llandrindod Wells