If anything annoys me, it’s people with little knowledge, who criticise others and hide behind their anonymous computer screens.

Your contributor in last week’s Letter to the Editor thinks farmers are rich, a few are, mostly when they’re dead, but the majority certainly are not.  

The average income for Welsh farmers is around £25,000 to £30,000. Many have rent to pay of £100 to £150 pound per acre. Others have mortgages that would make the average person weep.

Most of the millions of pounds of machinery your contributor mentioned is owned by finance companies.


How about a bit of reality.

Many silage pits and slurry stores are now, by law having to be renewed because of the regulations. 

Even after grants this can run into several hundred thousands of pounds.

The Welsh Government’s disastrous TB policy is decimating cattle farming in Wales. Their tree planting policy is a way to reduce sheep numbers by the backdoor. Fat cattle and lamb prices are at an all-time high driven by decreasing numbers. 

Supply and demand are coming into play with our population of 70 million – growing by an average five hundred a day crossing the channel.

We are heading blindly into food shortages and in the not too distant future we will see riots on our streets not over drugs but food.

The item at the top of the list stolen from stores is meat.

Environmentalists and vegans be careful what you wish for, criticise the farmer with your belly full at your peril. 

I might be old but I am a realist and I’m proud to print my name and address
Emyr Wigley, Llansantffraid