There have been even more delays have been made on the final decision on the future of the Air ambulance base in Welshpool.

The Emergency Ambulance Services Committee (EASC) have confirmed that there will be another month to wait before there is a final vote on the future of the base which has been recommended for closure.

The announcement comes after confusion today after it was expected that the final vote should have taken place today.

This was failed to be communicated to any of the key stakeholders including elected representatives such as Montgomeryshire MS Russell George, who also holds the position of Shadow Minister for Health at the Welsh Senedd.

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“What a shambolic process,” said Mr George. “EASC papers clearly set out in there meeting earlier this month that the final decision will be made today.

“There is no information available on the EASC website as to the time of this meeting, or how the public can watch the proceedings.

“The process started shambolically 18 months ago, and what we have now is a complete lack of information on the final stages of this process with a lack information and transparency.

“My message to the Welsh Government, and to Mr Harrhy, the Chief Ambulance Services Commissioner, is get your act together. This is an issue of such importance to the people of mid and North Wales, and radio silence is not good enough.”

EASC have now confirmed that the process has been delayed due to time constraints as it was felt it was not enough time for the relevant health boards

A spokesperson for the Emergency Ambulance Services Committee said: “At the EASC meeting on March 19, the potential to hold another meeting of EASC on 28 March was discussed. At the time, EASC members felt that an ‘extraordinary’ meeting would be required following the consideration by health boards of the Emergency Medical Retrieval and Transfer Service (EMRTS) Review leading up to 28 March.

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“However, after the meeting, not all Members were able to present the EMRTS Service Review for discussion at their Health Board meetings, there were time constraints, and some wanted further information in relation to the recommendations made.

“Following many meetings and discussions over the course of the week, the Chair of EASC has arranged an in committee (private) meeting of EASC to take place at 5pm on 28 March.”

The spokesperson also confirmed that meetings will be open to the public going forward.

They added: “At this meeting, Members will be asked to agree the wording of the recommendations to be made to Local Health Boards and the presentation of the updated version to Health Boards.

“Health Boards will be required to consider these recommendations at a meeting held in public.

“The final decision will then be taken by the new NHS Wales Joint Commissioning Committee (JCC) and will of course be discussed at a meeting held in public. That decision in turn will depend upon the responses from Health Boards. For these reasons, the Chair has determined that an ‘in committee’ meeting is appropriate today.

“If Members do not agree the wording for the recommendations then the matter will pass to the JCC with all the attendant risks, most particularly to the Wales Air Ambulance Charity.

“A final decision on the Emergency Medical Retrieval and Transfer Service Review’s recommendations is expected at the new NHS Wales Joint Commissioning Committee meeting on Tuesday April 23.  The timescale allows time for Health Boards to consider the recommendations at their respective Board meetings in April.”