A RAT run street in Brecon could be made one-way to stop motorists using it as a short cut.

Powys County Council portfolio holder for highways, Liberal Democrat, Cllr Jackie Charlton is expected to kick off the legal process to implement a Traffic Regulation Order to make Free Street in Brecon one way, in a southerly direction.

Currently a "narrow residential street" with double yellow lines on either side, a month-long consultation on the proposal will kick off a process that could see it become one-way.

Traffic systems manager Tony Paine explained that there is no residential parking allowed on the street and it is used as a short cut by motorists.

Mr Paine said: “The level of use of the street causes concern with pedestrians on the narrow footways.


“The two-way traffic which includes large vehicles such as full-sized buses operating from the bus station, do cause issues with a section of channel drain towards the southern end as the road is narrow, and these vehicles have to overrun that channel.

“This overrunning of the channel drain causes regular damage loosening the covers causing a noise nuisance to the residents and requiring regular maintenance.”

He added that the traffic lights at the northern end of Free Street are “obsolete” and are due to be replaced while there is a new channel drain.

Mr Paine said: “There is concern from the residents that the channel drain will continue to be damaged by vehicles driving over it and will mean the channel drain will require continual ongoing maintenance.

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“The damage causes a noise nuisance for those living along the street.

“As we are seeking to renew the traffic signals, it provides an opportune time to consider making changes to Free Street to protect the channel drain from regular damage.”

The report explained that making Free Street one way would lower the number of vehicles entering the street and allow a “safety zone” to be created for pedestrians while also providing protection to the channel drain.

The report added that “informal consultation” had been done in the past by county councillors for the area in February 2022 and that “broad support” had been received for making the street one way.

County Times: A map of the proposed system on Free Street in BreconA map of the proposed system on Free Street in Brecon

The current councillors for the area - Labour’s Cllr Liz Rijnenberg and Cllr Chris Walsh - both “understand” residents' concerns about heavy traffic and support the proposal being consulted upon.

Mr Paine added that the cost of new line markings on the road as well as advertising the TRO would total £2,000 which would come from the council’s Traffic Management and Small Safety Schemes budget.

He recommends that Cllr Charlton approves a decision to start the process and consult on the proposal.

It is expected that the decision will be made on Wednesday, April 3 and five days will be allowed to pass just in case the decision is “called-in” by councillors for scrutiny, before it comes into force.