Regrettably, when Welsh voters next go to the polls to elect Senedd members they will have less choice over who represents them. 

Labour and Plaid last week threw out proposals to let the public choose the candidates they want to represent them and stuck with a system that only allows them to elect their preferred party.

Despite expert advice warning them of creating greater disconnection between politicians and voters, Labour and Plaid ploughed ahead with plans for a ‘closed list system’ whereby voters choose which party they prefer.


Under a ‘flexible list system’ the public can choose the party and rank their preferred candidates from each party, but Labour and Plaid opted to give that power to parties instead.

Plaid Cymru have great form in opting for less proportional systems it seems.

Powys Plaid Cymru Councillors voted against plans to consult the public on a change to the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system for local council elections - despite it being their party’s policy.

Voting systems aren’t the most exciting topic of conversation ever but they really matter.

Voters need to have the power to choose the best people to make vital decisions about how the country is run.
Cllr Glyn Preston