I was very pleased to see the letter from business leaders about Llynclys crossroads in last week’s County Times and welcome the efforts of Helen Morgan MP on this matter.  

As a parent you know you have to encourage your children to do things on their own and to tackle things like walking to the school bus on their own when old enough to do so.

I imagine this is something all parents worry about but for anyone with children in Llynclys this daily anxiety is magnified by the real and present threat of the crossroads. 

Anyone who has ever seen the crossroads and tried to cross it on foot knows how dangerous it can be for an adult let alone a child. 


There is no safe place for crossing and the cars come into view only when already crossing the road. 

As an adult I am conscious that crossing it is a game of roulette and I feel a sense of relief once I’ve crossed it and not been hit by a car. 

The idea that children are in this danger on a daily basis is horrifying. Whilst I’m glad that some action is being considered to make this treacherous junction slightly safer, the proposals don’t go far enough. 

If a child dies crossing the road to go to school, then anyone from the relevant authorities who decided not to fully tackle this junction with the courage and finance needed to make it safe will have that child’s blood on their hands.
Adam & Debra Law