A Powys resident has criticised his water supplier over a significant rise in his annual bills, labelling it a “downright disgrace”.

Alan Bassett, who lives at Betws in Newtown, has spoken out against his recent water bill from Hafren Dyfrdwy, criticising the water company over a rise in his annual costs.

Mr Bassett said: “I received my bill from Hafren Dyfrdwy and from the figures given, my water costs are set to increase by £110, which is a 33 per cent increase per year.

“I have been in touch with their customer service over why it now costs so much to supply my house with running water and was given a range of excuses from the cost of chemicals, leaks in the line and wages of staff, none of which I find that satisfactory to be honest.

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“If there is a leak on the line or any other sort of issue, I sympathise, but I don’t understand why the costs have to passed on to the customers over the company’s issues.

“The annual inflation rate was just over five percent in January 2024, so I can’t see why my water bill has taken such a steep increase, for seemingly no reason. It feels like being specific is not on the cards for these companies, as they can’t seem to provide what I’d call a justifiable reason for the rise.


“It feels as if they know they have us in a vice for a service that’s essential.

“Not only has it risen, but when I received notice of this I was told the money would be paid via direct debit, with no negotiation over how best to pay the larger sum.

“There must be hundreds of others who are in a worse position than myself, concerned over direct increases to their bills without any rise in wages or pensions to match it.

“I think it’s a downright disgrace and a total insult.”

Louise Moir, Hafren Dyfrdwy Customer Experience Lead, said: “We’re fully committed to keeping bills low and affordable, so understand that any increase can be concerning.

“We don’t want anyone worrying about how they pay their bill so have a range of support available including our Here2Help scheme, where customers could receive up to 70% off their household bill.

“During the past few years, we’ve kept our bills as low and they remain the lowest in Wales, but like many businesses we’re seeing rising costs as well as making increased investment to help secure water supplies for future generations.”