From Cheetahs and Cobras to Tigers and Elephants, there are a number of dangerous wild animals living in the UK and Powys.

International wildlife charity Born Free has revealed results of a survey revealing the dangerous wild animals kept privately (with a licence) in Britain in 2023.

The survey revealed there are over 2,700 dangerous wild animals living across the UK and Northern Ireland and there could be many more being kept without a licence. 

Born Free revealed 187 private addresses across 126  local authorities hold licences to keep dangerous animals such as lions, tigers, crocodiles and venomous reptiles. 

The dangerous wild animals living in Powys

Powys was among the areas that are home to dangerous wild animals in Britain.

The survey showed more than 200 dangerous wild animals lived in Wales including one in Powys.

The dangerous wild animals living in Powys, according to Born Free, are:

  • Ostrich: 1

Other dangerous wildlife living in Wales include:


  • Capuchin monkey: 2


  • Ostrich: 9
  • Bison: 10


  • Wild boar: 219


  • Spider monkey: 1
  • Bison: 30


  • Asian Elephant: 3


Other dangerous wild animals in Great Britain

Other dangerous wild animals that call Great Britain home, revealed by Born Free, include:

  • Tiger
  • Lion
  • King Cobra
  • Bactrian Camel
  • Caiman Crocodile
  • Grant's Zebra
  • Bobcat
  • American Alligator
  • Uracoan Rattlesnake
  • Red Kangaroo
  • Sharp Nosed Viper
  • Fat Tail Scorpion
  • Black Necked Spitting Cobra
  • Lynx

You can see all the dangerous wild animals living in Great Britain and where they are located via the Born Free website.