A campaigner who has been active on the Welsh political scene for over 30 years has been named as a YesCymru Director for Mid and West Wales.

Jim Dunckley, described as a "socialist and a republican" has been elected to the board of Wales pro-independence group for the region of Mid and West Wales, meaning he will represent local groups from across the region on the organisation’s governing body.

Having been active on the political scene for over 30 years, Mr Dunckley has been a part of the YesCymru organisation since it was founded in 2014, having also served on two town councils, and campaigned on a range of community issues from housing and tenant rights to environmental campaigns.

YesCymru Chair Elfed Williams has said that the new addition to the National Governing Board will make a “valuable contribution” to the independence cause.

He said: “I’m delighted to welcome Jim to the board of YesCymru where they will make a hugely valuable contribution to the independence cause.

“Our National Governing Board is made up of passionate campaigners and dedicated community champions from the length and breadth of Wales and beyond.


“This is a pivotal time for the pro-independence movement. Opinion polls are now consistently showing support for an independent Wales at over 30 percent. This is a testament to the hard work of our members.

“It is our job on the National Governing Board to spread the message that the best way for Wales to realise its potential is for us to take control of our own destiny and become an independent nation.

“We believe that our elected representatives who make decisions that impact our day-to-day lives should be elected by the people of Wales because only they can be trusted to govern in our best interest.

“Independence will enable us to take control of our money, our laws and our resources and empower us to tackle the scourge of poverty that has been blighting our communities.

“Our country is abundant in resources and we have all the talent and ability we need to create a vibrant and thriving economy that ensures fairness for all.”