In the heart of our cherished democracy, a contentious plan is unfolding that threatens to reshape the very fabric of our representation in the Senedd. 

The proposal to swell the ranks of our Welsh Parliament by an additional 36 members is not just a matter of legislative logistics; it is a profound question of democratic principle and public trust.

As a concerned citizen and advocate for the integrity of our democratic institutions, I implore the people of Wales and our leaders to pause and reflect on the ramifications of such an expansion.


The decision to increase the number of our representatives should not be made in the secluded corridors of power but in the open forum of public opinion.

It is a decision that must be entrusted to the people of Wales through a referendum.

The introduction of a ‘closed list’ electoral system, as part of this expansion, further complicates the matter by distancing the electorate from their representatives.

The principle of devolution was founded on the belief that decisions should be made as close to the people as possible. It was a promise to empower the voices of Wales, to ensure that our unique needs and aspirations were heard and acted upon. 

The proposed expansion of the Senedd, and the manner in which it is being pursued, stands in stark contrast to these ideals.

To proceed without a referendum is to undermine the very foundations of devolution and to erode the trust that the people of Wales have placed in their representatives.

Louise Brown
Llandrindod Wells