Why is it that lorries, buses etc find it necessary to park on grass verges?

Here in Newtown, and I expect in other places, one can see grass patches churned up by vehicles, leaving ugly patches of mud and pools of muddy water behind.

Examples are Lower Back Lane car park, where ample parking space is provided, but vehicles use the grass verges.

Same around the schools in Park Lane where pools of large mud and water appear every time it rains.


I have only recently cleaned a similarly destroyed verge in Frolic Street where, despite a bollard being where the turning place is, drivers have on numerous occasions pushed the pollard aside, leaving a trench made by tyre marks behind to fill with rain.

Across the road to the Job Centre is another place that has seen the earth squeezed out onto the pavement, to leave a trench.

This was replaced by my efforts and the help of a the council man and his small road sweeper.

All I ask is folks are more careful how they park and try to preserve our green areas.
Eric C. Edwards and Chips, Newtown.