A WOMAN who lives near a planned Costa drive-through at Welshpool says she is "horrified" and feels "ignored" by Powys County Council.

When the plans were announced for a drive-through and 40-room hotel at Buttington in August 2022, resident Annette Rushton objected to the proposal. She now says she feels the complaints of those who live in the area have been “ignored” by Powys Council.

Ms Rusthon, who owns a cottage in the area, said that she and several other residents have expressed concerns over the congestion, litter and wider impact on Welshpool businesses the development could have.

Speaking to the County Times, she said: “I was horrified when the plans were first announced, for several reasons.

“There are 28 properties in this area, whose journeys to and from the junction are already affected by the McDonald’s drive-through. The increase in congestion that will come with more is going to create a dangerous situation.

“Traffic comes up and down these narrow lanes fairly often already, and on busy days traffic can be queued right up to the junction. I can’t imagine what it will be like or how those who live here will navigate it with multiple drive throughs crammed into the same space.


“It also leaves those walking along the canal bridge with no alternative but to walk onto the road itself. I can’t help but worry that one day there will be an accident.”

“It’s also an insult to local businesses, as it will be dreadful for them. In early brochures the location was described as ‘a short walk from Welshpool train station’, but that’s a 30 minute walk away, and it’s designed to be a drive through, where people usually remain in their cars.

“Who will be left to go into Welshpool for a coffee and a sandwich when that is there?”

Issues surrounding traffic congestion and the impact on businesses, as well as general pollution, were raised by Welshpool Town Council in their objections to the proposal.

Several town councillors have stated at meetings that they feel their concerns have been “ignored” by Powys County Council. This sentiment was echoed by Ms Rushton.

She added: “Nobody seems to be taking notice, after months and months of trying to be heard. It’s odd to feel as if we’ve been completely ignored by the powers that be.

“We spent time documenting the issues with traffic, taking photos to show what the situation was like and sending them to the council. But there doesn’t seem to be any record of those concerns, as if they’ve been swept aside.

“I understand that things change and develop, but this is simply too much and in completely the wrong place.”

A spokesperson for Powys County Council said: “All planning applications are considered and determined on their individual merits in accordance with relevant planning legislation, policies and material planning considerations and have regard to the planning issues raised by representations.”