Ever since George Osborn and David Cameron launched their “austerity” assault on public spending, councils have sold off or closed 1,000 swimming pools ad 800 libraries, half of magistrates courts have gone, hundreds of playing fields and over 1, 000 toilets have gone too. 

Levelling up was supposed to be, according to the Tory manifesto, to regenerate regional centres, restore civic pride, even funding hanging baskets.

It is the poorest who suffer when a library closes, removing a free learning resource.

It is the poorest who suffer when swimming pools are placed in expensive gyms.

With the closure of public toilets people are forced  to spend money in local cafes, pubs, just to use the toilets.

Now we learn General Sir Patrick Sanders  has warned that the British people as part of a “ pre war generation”  might have to prepare themselves to fight a in a war against Russia.

For Britain this will mean national mobilisation. 
Reg Taylor, Caersws