Can I ask those against the development of wind farms in mid Wales to think about the value of a view set against the reality of the worldwide catastrophe that is unfolding before our eyes?

As I write Chile is burning and California is flooding. Ethiopia and much of sub Sahara is in permanent drought. Spain had temperatures of 30 degrees last week.

The evidence is clear that wind farms work and yes they have a visual impact, but didn’t Wales fire up the first industrial revolution?


And if not here, where? We have hills so we have wind and we have space so we can power the towns and cities to keep this country going. Surely it’s a source of pride to think that Wales can again give the power to to keep the lights on.

As it is now, our children and grandchildren will know war, mass migration and food shortages.

I want to look my grandchildren in the eye and say that although the world has failed you, we did something to give hope for the future.

It’s change, it’s disruption it’s painful, but surely it’s worth it.
Keith Brelstaff, Via email