The Welsh Health Minister was called to intervene on the potential closure of the Welshpool Air Ambulance base.

In a pointed exchange in the Senedd, Montgomeryshire representative Russell George called on the Health Minister, Eluned Morgan to step in and save the base after news that it has been recommended for closure.

Mr George urged the Welsh government to step in due to serious concerns about the public engagement on the future of the base.

In response Ms Morgan said: “There has been significant feedback already to inform the review during the last phase. What's happened now I think as a result of that is that two options have been put forward, and that's what's now going out to the public.”

Mr George fired back that he “was a little bit concerned when you said that there are two options that have now come forward, because the commissioner has told me, and it says so in the documentation, that there are six options that have come forward.” and

“Two are preferred. Of those two preferred options, both mean the closure of Caernarfon and Welshpool bases, which is entirely unacceptable.”

“I think, Minister, that what is frustrating here is that an engagement process that has taken place— a significant one; thousands of people have attended meetings or responded to consultations—this is the issue: have they been listened to?”


“It's not only the public that have got concerns; it's clinicians as well. They're saying that they fear lives will be put at risk should these two bases close. They're also saying that many of them will actually leave the service—these experienced people in Welshpool, in Caernarfon, will leave the service. Now, I and the public have repeatedly been told that this is never about saving money. Is that still the case?”

Ms Morgan did not commit to stepping in but said: “I think it is important that local populations, once again, become involved in this consultation.

“There has been an incredible response to the consultation so far. We know how much this service is loved by the populations, in particular, of mid and north Wales. So, I would encourage them to feed into that response, and, obviously, a decision will be made after we've had the final recommendation.”

Mr George was backed in his calls by Plaid Cymru’s Mabon ap Gwynfor who said: “I echo everything that Russell George said, and I hope that you will follow up on some of those questions and will take responsibility for this.”

Commenting following his exchange with Labour’s Health Minister on potential air ambulance base closures in Mid and North Wales, Russell George MS, Welsh Conservative Shadow Health Minister said: “I am calling on the Labour Health Minister to intervene, urgently. The people of Mid and North Wales need and deserve a reliable service at the Welshpool and Caernarfon sites.”

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