Proposed plans for a new skatepark in Welshpool have been unveiled ahead of another community consultation.

A month after Welshpool Town Council said it they hoped the town’s new skatepark would be completed before the end of the year, a first design for the proposed facility has been released by Canvas.

The specialist designer was appointed by the town council and unveiled their draft design for the park following a consultation period with the public, hearing ideas and proposals for the facility which have reportedly been taken into consideration with this early design outline.

The town council have also announced that Canvas will be returning to hold more community consultations at a later date.

Welshpool Town Council previously discussed the matter in January, at a meeting of their strategy, policy and development committee. As they were awaiting a draft design from Canvas, they were also arranging a meeting with consultants Resources for Change as well as a fundraiser for the project.

At the time, Cllr David France said: “Fantastic to see funding moving forward for the skate park as it’s been a long time coming and filled with years of grass roots campaigning. The young people who use it are being consulted on the best way forward and I’m glad of that.”


During the same meeting, Cllrs Alison Davies and Nick Howells added that the current aim is for the park to be a reality by the end of 2024 or early 2025.

Cllr Phil Pritchard was keen for the facility to be completed as soon as possible, adding: “Many young people in this town have waited for a number of years for a facility like this, which we’ve promised and pledged but for one reason or another still hasn’t been done.

“People who were teenagers when the old park left are now married with children, to give you some idea of how long they’ve gone without a space like this. I think as a council we should make a pledge to get it done as soon as possible for the benefit of this town.”