Welshpool Town Council members have voiced support for an application to build several bungalows on a former school site.

At a meeting of the town council's planning committee on January 31, members discussed Powys County Council’s Housing Services department's bid to build 16 bungalows on the site of the former Gungrog Church in Wales Nursery and Infant School.

The application would see the existing school building demolished to make way for 16 homes as part of a new housing development in the town, which includes 12 one-bedroom bungalows and four two-bedroom bungalows.

Cllr Nick Howells said: “It’s been raised before at these meetings, but we have acknowledged that we are desperate for one-bedroom accommodation within Welshpool.”

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Cllr Phil Pritchard agreed, adding: “There are more people on the waiting list for one bedroom accommodation in Welshpool than all other categories put together. It’s our biggest demand by far.”

The planning application was prepared on behalf of Powys County Council Housing Services, having expressed an interest in acquiring the site to develop affordable council homes for local people in 2023, when the school was declared surplus and all services within Powys County Council were asked whether they had any use for this property.


The council expressed some queries over specific details of the project, such as their efficiency, affordability and who exactly will be purchasing the properties.

Cllr Ben Gwalchmai said: “How energy efficient will these be and how low will the bills be for residents? I’d like to add a note to the proposal that we would love to see renewable measures included in these houses and know that they are affordable when it comes to bills and maintenance.”

The issue of demographics was also raised, with councillors noting that they wanted to see housing allocated for younger people in the town, in addition to older residents seeking one bedroom accommodation.

Cllr Billy Spencer said: “I think we do need more for elderly people as many of the houses being built are beyond affordability. However, we also need spaces for young people and young families.”