At the end of January Brexit will finally start to hit home with checks being enforced on fresh goods from Europe.

Perishables such as meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables from the EU make up roughly 75% of our imported food and will now be subject to tariffs thanks to our position outside of the single market.

These items will see a dramatic rises in prices, and that’s if we can get them at all!
Of course, those who sold Brexit with promises of cheaper goods now blame the EU for ‘punishing’ plucky Britain, but the simple fact is that because we left the EU we’re now treated like any other third party country without trade deals with Europe. We literally voted for it.


Never mind that it was the equivalent of having your library burned down by people who can’t read, the wailing from those responsible illustrates how the argument was always based on a sense of victimhood rather than any sense if national optimism, merely fear dressed as patriotism.

So my prediction is this... by the spring we will have finally experienced life outside of the single market and we will hate it, Brexiteers will cry ‘infamy!’ and blame literally anyone else for their disastrous endeavour, the government will spin yet more ‘cats are dogs’ deflections until the inevitable anger felt by the British people will force an early election.

The question is whether the public will fall for the lies all over again, and while I’d like to say I’m optimistic that these Tory/Ukip/Reform charlatans will be condemned to the dustbin of history forever, recent events depressingly show that it’s easier to con people than to convince them they’ve been conned.
Good luck everybody.
Alan, Llandod