Efforts backed by BBC wildlife presenter Iolo Williams to help Common Swifts when they arrive in Llanidloes to breed has led to calls for more community support.

People are being urged by conservation group Gwenoliaid Duon Llanidloes Swifts to have swift boxes on their houses or offer their time to assist with surveys or engagement.

Swift boxes will soon be assembled by the eco-committee from Llanidloes High School and the Explorer Scouts, then installed around the town. A call has also been made for a cherry picker operator to donate their equipment.

A public meeting was held on Wednesday (January 24) at the Hanging Gardens in Llanidloes for the launch of the conservation group.


A spokesperson for Gwenoliaid Duon Llanidloes Swifts said: "From as far away as Machynlleth people came to find out about the amazing Common Swifts and join in the group’s efforts to improve their fortunes when they arrive in Llanidloes each May to breed.

“After delicious cakes and drinks the evening started with a photographic presentation helping to identify these wonderful summer visitors from the three other stunning passerine migrant species that make their way to Powys from Africa.”

The audience heard from Lottie Glover of Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust, Llanidloes Explorer Scouts’ Jack Glover who read out a message from Jenny Rathbone MS, the Senedd’s swift species champion. He was followed by Llanidloes Mayor Councillor Jamie Jones who made a speech on the importance of looking after wildlife and expressed the Town Council’s full support.

The spokesperson added: “Tamlin Watson from Zero Carbon Llanidloes Di-Garbon explained what those present could do to support these iconic birds such as wildlife friendly gardening, more relaxed management in local green spaces in the town, stopping pesticide use and getting involved in No Mow May.

"All members of the audience were encouraged to engage with the group and spread the word to the wider community."

For more information on how to get involved with or make a donation to Gwenoliaid Duon Llanidloes Swifts, including raising awareness about the birds in the local area, surveying and recording current nesting sites, and providing new nesting opportunities, please email llanidloesswifts@gmail.com