The Welsh Government has pulled out of its plans with the company that runs Green Man festival for the controversial Gilestone Farm site in Powys.

The site near Talybont on Usk in the south of the county was controversially bought by the Welsh Government for £4.25 million so it could be run by the company that organises the popular Green Man festival - however that has now collapsed in part due to the discovery of Ospreys at the site.

Plans for the site had included a creative hub, food and beverage production, including support for brewing and bakery businesses as well as new live experiences and smaller scale gatherings.

It was also hoped the site would bring in sustainable tourism including weddings and other events. At the time the Welsh government claim this could bring in “£23 million for the local economy, provide at least 38 new full-time jobs and support 300 local jobs through its supply chain”.

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However, this will now no longer go ahead partially due to the discovery of Ospreys at the site and it is unclear what will be done with the farm.

Managing Director of Green Man, Fiona Stewart, said: “While we are obviously disappointed that the project will not be going ahead at Gilestone Farm, we will now look at other opportunities.

 “The team at Green Man extends its deepest gratitude to everyone who has supported the Gilestone Farm Project. The overwhelming response and the innovative ideas shared by the community have been nothing short of inspiring.

“Tackling the climate crisis, supporting Future Generations, and addressing the wealth and age gap remain critical issues in Mid Wales and we must ensure young people in rural areas are not forced to leave due to lack of work and social opportunities.”


James Gibson-Watt, Leader of Powys County Council, said the news was a blow to the local economy. 

“While the news of the presence of the osprey nest at Gilestone is exciting, losing a project with such economic, social and cultural potential is a great loss for Powys,” said Cllr Gibson-Watt.

“Many in Talybont and our wider communities will be disappointed, especially those like me who wish to see enhanced opportunities for current and future generations of young people in Powys. The diversity of opportunities Green Man offered, would have helped address that.

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“It is very regrettable that the bold and innovative decision of the Welsh Government to work with Green Man was met with such a negative and, at times, very divisive and polarising response from some people; but it was heartening to see that a significant proportion of people in the Talybont-on-Usk and wider area were very supportive of the aims of the project. I also pay tribute to Fiona Stewart and her team’s resilience in dealing with these issues.

“Green Man has a great ability to help us address the complex economic and social challenges found in Powys and indeed rural Wales in general.

"I very much hope that another location in Powys can be found to provide Green Man with a permanent base to progress its exciting plans, which fit so well with the type of sustainable economic development we so desperately need here in Mid Wales.”