Andrew Hughes, the Welsh cue sports sensation, is set to represent Wales at the prestigious Nations Cup in Bridlington, running from March 17th to 22nd.

The Newtown pool ace has been a cornerstone of the Welsh national team since the age of 11 and continues to showcase his extraordinary talent on the global stage.

A former European champion in the men’s category, U23, and the IPA (International Professional Pool Players Association) European champion, Hughes brings a wealth of experience and a track record of success to the table.

His journey in cue sports is a testament to his dedication and skill, having begun his career at a remarkably young age and rapidly climbing the ranks to become one of the sport's most formidable players.

County Times: Newtown pool star Drew Hughes with his sponsors.Williams Plant Hire is sponsoring Drew this season.


2024 marks a busy year for Hughes, as he competes in the IPA professional tour across five events in the UK, including stops in Newcastle, Coventry, and the Isle of Man.

His participation in the IPA World Championships in Newcastle from February 22nd to 26th is particularly anticipated, given his past performances and growing reputation.

In addition to international tournaments, Hughes remains deeply connected to his roots in Wales.

County Times: Newtown pool star Drew Hughes with his sponsors.Newtown pool star Drew Hughes with his sponsors.

He actively participates in various local competitions, such as Welsh ranking events, the Dragon Bet Masters, and the Welsh Open. These events not only bolster his skills but also fortify his connection with the Welsh cue sports community.

Fans and enthusiasts will have the opportunity to watch Hughes in action later this year, both on YouTube and live TV broadcasts.

This media exposure is not just a chance for Hughes to display his prowess but also serves to inspire the next generation of cue sports players.

County Times: Newtown pool star Drew Hughes with his sponsors.Newtown pool star Drew Hughes with his sponsors.

Off the table, Hughes is equally impactful. He dedicates time to supporting charities, notably those focusing on men’s walking and talking groups and mental health awareness.

His commitment to these causes reflects his understanding of the importance of mental well-being, especially in high-pressure sports environments.

Hughes's rigorous practice schedule of 3-4 times a week is a clear indication of his hunger for success. With his eyes set on further triumphs, Hughes is more than just a player; he is an ambassador for cue sports and a role model for aspiring athletes.

As the Nations Cup approaches, the Welsh team, buoyed by Hughes's talent and experience, looks set to make a significant impact.

The cue sports community eagerly awaits his performance, confident that this is just another chapter in the remarkable career of Hughes.

County Times: Newtown pool star Drew Hughes with his sponsors.Newtown pool star Drew Hughes with Andrew Coppin.

Dan Edmunds from Espanaro Ltd added: "As Drew leads out the Welsh team, we at Espanaro Ltd are not just sponsoring a player; we're backing a leader, a champion in the making. We're proud to support Drew as he cues up for success in 2024."

Barry Jarman Landscapes has renewed its sponsorship deal, expressing immense pride in backing Drew, saying: "We are delighted to renew our sponsorship deal with Drew for the 2024 Pool Season. We will be behind Drew every step of the way and believe he will have a great year on and off the table.

Williams Plant and Skip Hire echoes this sentiment.

"We are delighted to continue our sponsorship of Drew Hughes for the 2024 Pool Season. We believe Drew will have a successful upcoming season, and we will be with him every step of the way," they shared.

Andrew Coppin, representing a local men's mental health initiative, expressed excitement about Drew promoting their cause.

He said: "We were absolutely thrilled when Drew Hughes wanted to promote the group and also keep men talking by having the group logo on his top along with other sponsors that he will wear when entering competitions this year."