A Powys market town council has responded to a call for a traditional Boxing Day hunt to be banned.

The David Davies Hunt held its annual meet in Llanidloes on December 26 which saw hundreds of people line the streets to watch the hounds, horses and riders gather in the town.

Llanidloes Town Council heard earlier this week that it had received a letter from a resident asking councillors to ban the hunt.

Town clerk David Powell said he had had responded to the resident telling them that the town council had "limited powers that did not extent to banning the event".


Councillor Dan Craig raised that the event was a "lawfully gathered assembly whether you agree with it or not".

He added: "It's a different case if they had asked the Town Council to support them in some way but it's a public street."

More than 700 people gathered for the meet-up in the market town which is one of a few remaining in north Powys.

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Fox hunting was made illegal nearly 20 years ago and was replaced by trail hunting in which a scent is placed for the hounds to follow.

Councillor Graham Davies told the meeting on January 22: "It's a tradition that has gone on in Llanidloes for centuries.

"Young children were excited to see the horses when some don't normally see horses."