Montgomeryshire politicians say they are to meet with bosses of Control Techniques after the company announced it was to axe nearly 100 staff.

The company is reportedly cutting 98 staff in Newtown at the Mochdre Business Park as it looks to step up production closer to its markets in America and Asia.

MP Craig Williams and MS Russell George said they were also working with the UK Government to help staff affected by the job losses.

Nidec say that the proposed changes could lead to the loss of up to 98 jobs at the factory, with every effort made to achieve any possible job losses through voluntary redundancies. The company will be offering comprehensive redundancy packages and "outplacement support services" to those affected.

Nidec say this decision has been taken in response to current market conditions. A consultation process will begin soon with affected employees and their representatives.

Mr Williams said: “Today’s announcement by Nidec Control Techniques is very sad news for all staff and families who may be affected by job losses at their Newtown factory. Both Russell and I are meeting formally with Nidec officials tomorrow to discuss how we can support staff and the company through this painful process.

“I am also speaking with the Department for Work & Pensions in delivering a Taskforce, so we can ensure that vital support is rolled out to all those who are affected at pace.

“Having already spoken with the Nidec Control Techniques President today, it is clear to me how difficult this decision has been for the company to take. I am reassured that they remain fully committed to remaining in Newtown for the long term.”

Russell George MS said: “This is incredibly sad news, and my first thoughts are for all the staff who may be affected by job losses and their families.

“Control Techniques has been one of Newtown’s, and indeed Montgomeryshire’s largest and most important employers for many years.

"Like Craig, I am reassured by the company’s commitment to staying in Newtown, and will be working closely with Nidec and Craig to ensure that affected staff are able to access all of the necessary support they require as quickly as possible.”