A PARROT who can whistle the McDonald's jingle and mimic the fast food chain's "I'm Loving It" slogan has gone missing in Powys.

Terry Whitaker and his wife, who live near Cefn Coch, have been searching for their pet parrot Jazz after he unexpectedly flew away from their house on Friday, January 12.

The two-year-old was adopted by Terry and his wife from a rescue centre after being owned by an elderly couple for the first year of his life.

According to Mr Whitaker, the bird can say a variety of words and phrases and can even whistle the McDonald’s theme.

He disappeared after flying out of their house and into the garden, where he remained for a few hours before flying further away across several fields, all of which was unusual behaviour for the house trained bird, according to his owner.

Terry said: “Last Friday morning the window of our house was open and, in a very out of character moment, Jazz suddenly flew straight out of the house and into a tree in our garden.

“My wife and I spent about two hours following him around the garden, trying to coax him back into his cage or indoors.


“He usually flies freely around the house but is confined to a fairly small area and has never tried to get out or flown through an open window before. Obviously outside there’s no border so after staying in our garden for a few hours he then left our property and flew across some nearby fields.

“We spent a few more hours looking for him after he went beyond the borders of our garden, but as the light was fading, we had to call it a day."

As well as whistling, Jazz can say phrases including "I'm Loving It", and "Do you want a curry", which was initially "Do you want a coffee" until he was one day introduced to the idea of the takeaway staple. Adorably, his other sayings include "I love you", and "By gum".

“We’ve read stories of other birds who have gone missing and turned up in other gardens and Jazz has a tag on his leg that can identify him so unless we personally spot him the best we can do is sit and wait for any sightings or news to come in. He also has quite a varied vocabulary, whistling tunes and repeating words or phrases a lot.

“Obviously we are still hoping for some good news, but with the recent cold weather and knowing that parrots like him can’t really be in low temperatures for long periods of time, there is some concern over his wellbeing.”