A yellow weather warning has been issued for ice in parts of Powys as temperatures plummet this week.

The Met office has warned that in the south of the county, "ice and small amounts of snow could lead to slippery surfaces in a few places".

The cold conditions are expected to set in from around 3pm today (January 8) until 3am tomorrow morning.

County Times:

The Met Office warns that the cold conditions could lead to "some icy patches on some untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths" and that this could lead to "some injuries from slips and falls on icy or snowy surfaces".


They advise that motorists "check for delays and road closures" and "leave more time to prepare and check your car before setting off".

They also suggest drivers "pack essentials in their car (warm clothing, food, drink, blanket, torch)" and "take a fully charged mobile phone".

When driving the Met Office advises motorists to "Look well ahead for potential hazards and keep your speed down" and "accelerating, braking, steering and changing gear as smoothly as possible to reduce the risk of a skid".

They also remind drivers that "using a higher gear may be more appropriate to help grip on packed ice" as it "helps manage engine power making it easier to find traction".

For those travelling by foot they advise you "plan to leave the house five minutes earlier than normal" as "not needing to rush reduces your risk of accidents, slips and falls".

They also advise when "making a journey on foot, try to use pavements along main roads which are likely to be less slippery. Similarly, if cycling, try and stick to main roads which are more likely to have been treated".