MARK Drakeford’s retirement has been met warmly by many people across Wales.

Certainly his time as First Minister and his legacy will be very divisive.

His handling of the pandemic was rather better than the UK approach led by Boris Johnson.
However, while the UK Government is putting itself through scrutiny it is beyond belief the Welsh Government has excused itself from the same process.

How can than be right?

During the pandemic we all tolerated what were then viewed as extreme and now looked back upon as frankly bizarre.

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Who else remembers shops having to stop people purchasing anything which was not deemed essential as we lived in a bizarre world where a handful of Labour politicians deemed what was essential or otherwise?

Surely Mr Drakeford and the rest of his team, as elected ministers, must be scrutinised.

Remember this is the same party calling for an enlarged Senedd but deems itself above scrutiny in its handling of the biggest public health crisis for 100 years.

However, I am sure that will not be Mr Drakeford’s only legacy.

A glance around many parts of Wales now and you can see Labour’s 20mph zones being slowly replaced by ‘traffic calming zones’.

So in the space of a few months, Labour have instigated new speed zones across most of Wales and then realised it is a vote killer and given local councils permission to change signage.

What a mess of a final legacy.

B Jones, Newtown