Hypothermic hikers had to be rescued from the Bannau Brechiniog National Park on New Year’s Eve after getting stranded.

The Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team had to delay their New Year’s celebrations after being called out to assist Dyfed-Powys Police to rescue a group of walkers near Pen-y-Fan.

The walkers had run into difficulties due to the severe winter conditions which left them in danger.

A spokesperson for the Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team said: “At 4pm this afternoon team members’ plans for New Year’s Eve were put on hold after we were contacted by Dyfed-Powys Police to help a group of walkers in need of rescue on The Brecon Beacons/Bannau Brechiniog between Pen-Y-Fan and Cribyn.

“The incessant rain, sleet and wind had taken its toll on the group’s walking day out and with two members struggling with leg injuries and hypothermia they did exactly the right thing and called for help.”


The neighbouring Brecon Mountain Rescue Team were called into assist in finding the hikers form the other side of the Neuadd Valley.

As the Central Team headed into the valley they came across a member of the public who had helped the stranded walkers get to the summit of Pen-y-Fan who helped direct the teams as to where the walkers may have been and was later thanked  by the search teams for his help.

“We then relocated from Neuadd to Pont ar Daf and accessed the hill to find the groups who were thankfully uninjured yet hypothermic, added the spokesperson for the Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team.

“In a smooth joint operation we brought everyone to the safety of the car park.

“Once rewarmed and refreshed all the groups headed home, we then returned to our base and homes to rejoin family and friends about 8pm-ish for the latter stages of New Year’s Eve.”