I’ve been following these budget announcements in the past few days.

Labour councils in Wales are getting the biggest rises in funding whilst non Labour Councils (mostly in Mid and North Wales are getting the smallest).

Our rural areas where tourism, (largely operated by small businesses), is vital however, will also be the worst affected, by the huge increase in business rates on pubs and restaurants and the tourism tax.

Wales already has the worst NHS and education in the UK, and areas like Mid Wales outside the Welsh Labour gravy train loop, the worst of all, and it’s going to get worse.

County Times: The Welsh Senedd.The Welsh Senedd building.


But there’s no shortage of cash to pay for the pointless increase in the number of politicians in Cardiff Bay, and the associated pointless, overpaid, zero productivity, bureaucrat jobs, and connected overheads, largely in Labour voting areas, and largely filled by the sort of people who vote Labour.

Powys will always be put upon by Welsh Labour.

The whole devolution racket with its entrenchment of a one party, Welsh Labour state, favouring its own South Wales fiefdoms and Trade Union backers, is a disaster. 

The best thing would be to get rid of Cardiff Bay altogether. 

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But failing that, having a referendum in Powys to see if we in the county want to continue to be governed by Cardiff, or go back to being governed alongside the localities close by over the England border, with whom we have far more in common logistically, and take our share of Westminster resources with us.

I don’t think there’s much doubt what the outcome would be.
We in Powys voted by more than 57 per cent to 43 per cent in 1997 against so called ‘devolution’ in the first place, but nevertheless still had it foisted on us.
Ronald Olden