Organisers of Welshpool’s recently opened bank hub have responded to criticism regarding the access for disabled residents wanting to use the facilities.

As bank services returned to Welshpool on December 14, the team behind Welshpool’s Banking Hub announced that they have received some notes from residents over the accessibility of the facility which they aim to address soon.

Opening at the former Lloyds bank building on Broad Street, the hub was criticised in a recent letter to the Powys County Times, which noted that the facility lacked wheelchair access.

The letter added: “Why is it that of the four former bank premises in town, the one chosen was the only bank with no wheelchair access?”


A spokesperson for Welshpool’s Bank Hub said: “We saw that a local resident had written into the paper about disability access to the Welshpool Banking Hub.

“We thought it would be helpful to provide an update on this. We will be installing a ramp to ensure all customers can use the Hub. We are just awaiting the right permits from the Highways Agency, which will hopefully be confirmed soon.

“We know there’s been great anticipation for the Hub to open but rest assured that accessibility is a key priority for all Hubs and something we are mindful of when we are planning and refurbishing buildings.”