A woman who was so drunk that she threw a large mirror downstairs where police were waiting to arrest her, then spat in an officer's face has told a court that she "totally overreacted".

Leoni Price, 22, admitted causing more than £860 of damage to her ex-boyfriend's iPhone, television, watch, beard trimmer, pendant and fan during a drunken argument over a phone.

She also admitted kicking a police officer trying to arrest her at the Newtown property on April 30.

Price was given a 12-month community order including 120 hours of unpaid work and she must pay £300 compensation to Stuart Struthers and £100 each to the two police officers.

Prosecutor Rhian Jackson told Welshpool Magistrates' Court on Tuesday, December 12, that Price told police she was “eight out of 10 drunk” after drinking rum and tequila with her then-boyfriend, who later locked himself in a downstairs toilet when the argument escalated.

County Times:

Ms Jackson added that "aggressive" Price was caught on body worn camera footage screaming and shouting abuse at police and was later "vile and abusive" to custody staff.

The court heard that Mr Struthers took six days off work following the incident and asked for a restraining order against Price because he is "scared to go out in Newtown".

Robert Hanratty, acting on behalf of Price, said his client accepts that she was "very intoxicated" that evening when the pair fell out about a phone.

"She accepts she totally overreacted and was hysterical," the solicitor said. "Mr Struthers would have you believe he was constantly hiding around the house.


"She was hysterical. You've got two police officers bearing down on her; she was clearly agitated, very drunk, crying and cursing. The whole incident takes in a place no bigger than that alcove and then she spat in the officer’s face.

"She attended A&E immediately after released from custody. She went under a procedure where her jaw was realigned.

"We live in a real world where, yes, this was an unpleasant incident, and he was willingly consuming alcohol. He took a week off when his phone broke. Let’s keep this in perspective; that’s not reasonable. He has expressed regret at not being able to resolve issues in the aftermath of this unfortunate incident. The incident was an argument in the house and items got smashed."

Mr Hanratty added: "A restraining order. Really? She has made no contact, and him the same. She has moved on with her life."

The request for a restraining order was not granted.

Chair of the magistrates' bench Anthony Jackson said: "I don’t know how many people that you listen to but you’re only 22 years old and this is your first offence.

"You’ve got yourself in a bit of a tangle that resulted has in today. Please ponder on it and work with probation to make things better. I really mean this: we don’t want to see you here.”

Price, of Lon Masarn, Trehafren, was also ordered to pay £85 prosecution costs.