What a calamitous month it’s been for the Prime Minister and his Conservative Party, writes Jane Dodds MS.

From delivering even more empty promises in an Autumn statement that falls flat to facing a rebellion from members of his own party on an unlawful and unethical immigration bill.

Sometimes it feels as though Mr Sunak and his government are purposely making our jobs as the opposition easier. Not out of the kindness of their heart however but rather more as a side effect of their sheer incompetency.

Where to start? Well let’s begin with the latest hot topic at the time of writing, the Rwanda immigration bill.

This bill is nothing more than a last roll of the dice from a politician who is clearly counting down the days until he’s shown the door.


An embarrassing attempt to appear tough on a subject that requires kindness, not harsh indifference.

The Conservative’s inhumane approach to immigration shouldn’t come as a surprise however, as they are merely mimicking their approach towards those struggling with the cost of living.

Last month, Rishi Sunak and the rest of his cabinet made a big fuss around their Autumn Statement, which they claimed was the key to dragging us out of this cost-of-living crisis. But in actual reality it was all a charade.

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Any significant offer of support towards Wales was sadly lacking in this statement, but for a party that has so often sidelined the needs of our nation it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Wales is currently facing a multitude of crises, in our schools, in our health system and with the cost of living.

Put simply, this Autumn Statement does absolutely nothing not only for Wales, but also for its farming community.

What support has been offered to farmers and their families? Who have been stabbed in the back by a flawed Brexit deal.

Rising bills and worsening weather patterns are having a devastating impact on farms across the country, and very little is being done to help.

We need a Westminster government that is willing to work with us, not despite us, here in Wales if we are to fix these crises and move towards a brighter future.

And quite frankly, we will never have that with the Conservative party in power.

The sooner we see the back of this Conservative government the better, and that can only happen by kicking the Tories out of Wales for good.

We all deserve better, Wales deserves better.